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b free apparel is a Southern California based apparel company.

A portion of all our sales are donated to charity specifically to saving the bees which is an increasing problem within our society that we are passionate to spread awareness.

The average person doesn’t realize the important role bees play in our everyday diet. One out of three foods are a product of honeybee pollination—from fruit to nuts to coffee beans. And because bees are dying at a rapid rate (42% of bee colonies collapsed in the United States alone in 2015), our food supply is at serious risk.

There are multiple factors at play. Each on its own is bad enough, but combined they are quickly proving too much to handle.

  • Pesticides: these chemicals are designed, of course, to kill insects. But some systemic varieties—specifically neonicotinoids—are worse for bees than others.
  • Loss of habitat: patches of green space that remain are often stripped of all weeds and their flowers, which bees rely on for food.
  • Climate change: warm winters have caused plants to shift their schedules. When bees come out of hibernation, the flowers they need to feed on have already bloomed and died.
  • Disease: Pathogens carried by mites weaken bees, which makes them more susceptible to pesticide poisoning.